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Hudson Kadlecek


Hudson was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma on March 28, 2011. After discovering a mass, Hudson was immediately hospitalized and began treatment immediately. The mass was 8" and tumors were throughout his bowels. Burkitt's lymphoma (or "Burkitt's tumor", Burkitt lymphoma or "malignant lymphoma, Burkitt's type") is a cancer of the lymphatic system (in particular, B lymphocytes). It is named after Denis Parsons Burkitt, a surgeon who first described the disease in 1956 while working in equatorial Africa. Hudson is currently (May) into his third round of chemo. So far, the results have been good. The large 8" tumor is now 2" and the others have disappeared. He is scheduled for a fourth round of treatment on June 7th which will be his birthday week and he will be five years old. Hudson is at Texas Children's hospital in Houston, Texas with his wonderful loving parents and family by his side.


This has been a whirlwind for them all and they (especially Hudson) have handled every step with grace and beauty. Family, friends, friends of friends have wanted to help any way they can and have showered them with prayer. The outcome would not have been so good thus far without each and every person that has reached out.


However, prayers are still very much needed to get Hudson well. There will be new challenges as the medical bills are piling up. In light of trying to help Hudson and ease the burden now and in the future, a donation link is being set up that will go directly to the family. Any amount whether it's $5 or $500. will be a blessing and a gift. Most of all, prayers are needed. So, please share the link on your pages and keep Hudson and his family in your prayers. Please also leave messages and wishes on Hudson's special page!

Thank you so much in advance for your support, prayers and donations.


God bless you and God bless Hudson!!! ♥